About Us

Clardy Home Development
Clardy Home Development was founded in March 2005 by Chris Clardy. Chris saw the need for a residental homebuilder, in the Golden Triangle, that emphasises service and quality above all else. The mission of Clardy Home Development is to provide the highest quality homes, with the best customer service, at the fastest turn around time possible. For every job, Clardy Home Development gets bids from a team of experienced sub-contractors. After the winning bid has been accepted, Clardy Home Development works very closely with the sub-contractors to ensure the highest quality available.

From dirt work, to the final coat of paint, Chris has done every job within the residential home building process. After graduating from New Hope High School, Chris graduated from the MUW with a degree in Business. He got his start in construction working for his father's company, Clardy Drilling and Excavation, where he managed a team of employees on water well and dirt construction jobs. This is where Chris learned the importance of hard work and high quality.

While attending College Sunday school classes, Chris met his Wife Heather. Chris and Heather were married in 2005 and now live on Honeysuckle Road, which is no more than two miles from Rivendale. They have a daughter named Michaela that was born in September of 2006. Chris is an active member and Sunday school teacher at Fairview Baptist Church. In his free time he likes to spend time with his Wife and Daughter, travel to Foley, AL to visit Heather's parents, play golf with his Dad and Brother, and hunt and fish at his Grandparent's farm in Caledonia.